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where mental health, self care and body celebration thrive.


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Click me for self care inspiration, mental health chats, real body celebration and to be empowered by the stories of humans on their journeys.

about MTm

MtM is a space where anyone who is looking for honest open conversation surrounding mental health, self care and body acceptance can come to be inspired by others journeys while feeling empowered to share their own. To learn more about MtM and creator Naomi K Holt click me.  


our mission

To empower all to joyfully engage in self care, have honest open mental health conversations and celebrate their bodies.


Mtm Community

A safe space where individuals can share and support each other through their mental health, self care and body journey, click me to join our Facebook community.    


Body celebration

accepting all parts of your body and celebrating everything your body does for you because it is unique, beautiful and yours.



Learning to celebrate and accept your body can be difficult, click me to be part of the Mind The Model Body Celebration 7-Day Challenge.